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Would you like to help children increase their likelihood of:

Being physically healthy
Being emotionally healthy
Attending college
Succeeding academically
Having a better relationship with their mother and father

And decrease their likelihood of:

Becoming a victim of physical or sexual abuse
Attempting or committing suicide
Abusing drugs or alcohol
Demonstrating behavioral problems in school
Committing delinquent behaviors
Divorcing later in life
Becoming pregnant as a teenager, or impregnating someone.
Being sexually active as teenagers
Contracting STD's

Being raised in poverty

And would you like to help men and women increase their likelihood of:

Enjoying a more satisfying marital relationship
Being emotionally healthy
Becoming wealthy
Having a better relationship with their children
Being physically healthy
Living longer
Having stable employment
Having higher wages
Having a more satisfying sexual relationship

And decrease their likelihood of:

Remaining or ending up in poverty
Being a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault,
or other violent crimes
Attempting or committing suicide
Abusing drugs and alcohol
Contracting STD's
Committing violent crimes

Would you like to live in a community that had:

Higher rates of physically healthy citizens
Higher rates of emotionally healthy citizens
Higher rates of educated citizens
Higher rates of home ownership
Higher property values
Lower domestic violence rates
Lower crime statistics
Lower teenage pregnancy rates
Lower rates of juvenile delinquency
Decreased need for social services

Then Help Strengthen The Keystone of Our Society

The keystone of society is healthy marriages devloping Couples Skills. This is evidenced by the fact that all of these positive social outcomes (and many more) are associated with healthy marriages. By increasing the number of couples who form and sustain a healthy marriage we will increase the number of children, women, men and communities who benefit from these positive outcomes. If we continue to neglect the keystone and instead use all of our time, energy and resources trying to patch the cracks in the rest of the arch we will ultimately fail.

According to the US Census Bureau 90% of the US population will marry. The vast majority of those who marry desire a lifelong healthy marriage. However, not all couples know how to form and sustain a healthy marriage learn how to save your marriage from divorce.

Researchers have documented the basic relationship skills and knowledge needed to increase the likelihood couples will form and sustain a healthy marriage. Our challenge is to help couples access the products and services that will teach them to implement these basic couple skills skills and knowledge in their relationships.

We can either sit by and watch the keystone of our society continue to weaken or we can all do something to help strengthen marriages. We invite you to visit our current projects page to find out what we are doing to strengthen the keystone of our society and how you can help.

To strengthen your own marriage visit the healthy marriage products page, healthy marriage bookstore and healthy marriage self-help program page

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